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Subaru injector dimensions

The Subaru EJ engine is a series of four-stroke automotive engines manufactured by Subaru. They were introduced inintended to succeed the previous Subaru EA engine. The EJ series is the mainstay of Subaru's engine line, with all engines of this series being valve horizontal flat-fourswith configurations available for single, or double-overhead camshaft arrangements SOHC or DOHC.

EJ20N runs on compressed natural gas. All engines listed below were installed with a turbocharger and an intercooler :. Is not actually a valid code from Subaru, but is mostly used by enthusiasts and mechanics to describe the entire line of turbocharged engines that have been available over time.

subaru injector dimensions

The practice began with the designation of the USA-spec turbo, commonly referred to as the EJ22T, and the habit of referring to any turbocharged engine as a "T" began. When referring to the EJ20T, one is speaking of one of the following:. All these engines have the air-to-water intercooler setup chargecooler and close deck blocks equipped with piston oil squirters.

This updated type of EJ20G was used in all WRX models since earlycylinder head is equipped with hydraulic lifters compared to the rocker arms used in the previous EJ20G. Pistons in this type of EJ20G are all cast aluminum.

Closed-deck engine block equipped with piston oil squirters was used until mid Followed by Open-deck block equipped with piston oil squirters was used very short period of time, Followed by Open-deck block from until mid when the first EJ20K WRX engines came out.

The open deck block on all EJ20G could be identified by a smoother surface, and a tab on the right surface of the block halves. Generally these engines all have the slanted intercooler.

These engines also feature STI factory 8. These engines can be identified by smooth valve covers, plug leads and a wasted spark coil in the middle of the intake manifold.

The engine utilizes an IHI ball-bearing turbo unit. This engine series is used for WRX models in the world market outside Japan as of The EJ has an compression ratio. The EJ has an 8. V7 are single scroll, AVCS, throttle by cable, top-feed injectors, engines. The TGV are deleted from the factory. No immobilizer. The engine speed is limited from the factory at rpm. V8, 9 are twinscroll, AVCS, throttle by cable, topfeed injectors, engines.

There are no TGV's, the intake manifold is one piece. The spark plugs are specified one step colder, compared with other Sti. The turbo is a VF Although to some V Even more from imported models.

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There were no transponder chip's inside the transmitter housing case. It is possible that the losses while using it are smaller. Many have an additional intake air temperature sensor by the throttle body.

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Its function has been discussed but not completely clarified.Shop Now. This passion for innovation has continued over the years and has culminated in the current line up which represents the most comprehensive and best-supported injector line in the industry. Fuel injectors are not a one-size-fits-all type of product.

The right fuel injector must combine the elements of fitment, coil impedance, flow rate, and tuning data into one injector specific to your engine's needs. This is a lot to ask an injector line up consisting of only a handful of options. The right tool, used incorrectly, yields substandard results at best. Fuel injectors follow this same universal law. Proper data is required for proper tuning. Using the data is easy. Often it is cut and paste from the DW excel sheet to the tuning software.

Development of accurate injector data is a complex process, but there are no shortcuts to a proper calibration. DW has developed specially designed and calibrated flow benches utilizing digital flow meters, which are required to measure the precise fuel mass needed for proper characterizations.

Fastest cleanest way to decap injectors! Subaru WRX light blue 420CC to 810CC! UNCUT!

The data acquisition process consists of collecting over data points per injector part number. These data points cover pulse widths, pressures, and voltages that the injectors will experience once installed in your engine.

The collected data is statically analyzed, scrubbed and formatted into a General Characterization Summary. This Summary can then be formatted into application-specific formats for different makes, models, and tuning platforms. The application specific data is then in-car optimized by one of our tuning partners. Quality injectors mated to proper calibration data will still perform poorly as a system if the injector set is not properly flow matched. The DW dynamic flow matching process ensures each set works together as a system to fuel your engine properly.

Fuel injectors do not operate in a static state so why test them in a static state? In the engine, fuel injectors are a very dynamic component, constantly changing frequencies and pulse widths to precisely deliver the fuel needed.

The DW multi-point dynamic flow testing process mimics these conditions by testing at multiple pulse widths within each of the ranges below…. Product support is extremely important at DW. Modern fuel systems are a complex arrangement of integrated components that must all be working together to function properly.

DW provides customer support in various ways…. Phone and Email Suppor t — the DW support team is at your service to help with a variety of needs that may arise.

Contact us for technical support, order tracking, services information, or any other product related need you may have. On-line Calculators — The DW online tools and calculators can help you choose the right products for your build. See our support tab to find the data for your injectors.

Skip to main content. Login Cart 0 Shop Now. Enter your keywords.The power ratings discussed above are for each injector. This means that you need to multiply this rating by the number of injectors that are to be used.

So, if you were using the Impulse RS cc injectors in a 4 cylinder engine with one injector per cylinder the max power that the injectors could deliver fuel for would be about Conversions cc per minute is approximately equal to 49lbs per hour which is equal to approximately hp. This is the most common type and still the best.

A tapered needle sits on a tapered seat. When the solenoid is energized, the core and needle is pulled back, allowing the fuel to discharge. This design has been well proven for over 30 years.

The Bosch disc type uses the same type of actuation mechanism as the pintle type but replaces the pintle with a flat disc and a plate with tiny holes. These work fine with a good spray pattern but are slightly more prone to deposits plugging the holes.

The Lucas type buries the disc up inside the body to reduce the mass of the assembly for quicker response. The Lucas types typically have a very narrow spray pattern which can affect idle and throttle response in some cases. These use a ball and socket arrangement.

These have excellent atomization and a wide spray pattern but are also prone to partial plugging by varnish deposits. For the majority of injectors, there are two types of electrical connections.

The D-Jetronic type used from to or so on Bosch injectors in which the plug fits internally into the injector and the L-Jetronic type in which the plug fits over the injector offreing a waterproof seal. Most injectors of all brands built after use the later type. Unfortunately, several Japanese manufactuers, notably Subaru and Toyota decided to make their own style connectors in the late '80s.

These use an oval shaped plug. The D-Jet type will fit most types but is not waterproof. Fuel transfer from the fuel rails was done with barb fittings and hose on early injectors as shown on the left above or small or large O-rings as shown above on the right.

The later type uses a rigid fuel rail to hold the injectors down to the manifold as well as seal to the O-rings. Sealing injectors to the intake manifold usually involves one of two methods. Older type injectors used a square section O-ring slid over the pintle cap to sit against the steel injector body.

Newer injectors use a 14mm round section O-ring sitting in an isolated groove. These are not compatible with other types. Most OE injectors are quite small because stock power outputs are usually quite low on production engines and metering is more precise with small injectors for better idle and emissions.

For performance applications, engines often require much larger injectors to satisfy the increase in fuel flow. Often larger OE injectors can be fitted from a different engine. Sometimes aftermarket ones must be used.

subaru injector dimensions

MSD makes 50, 72 and 96 lb. It is essential that you have injectors large enough to feed your engine at maximum power.

Most OE systems maintain a fuel pressure of between 36 and Fuel pressure can be raised to increase the rate of fuel flow but this should not exceed 60 psi in most cases. It takes 4 times the fuel pressure to double fuel flow.The Subaru EJ20 is a 2. This two-liter version laid down the history of the EJ series. The EJ20 replaced the old EA82 1. The most common version of the naturally aspirated engine, the EJ20E, has aluminum alloy cylinder heads with SOHC design single overhead camshaft.

EJ20 head features four valves per cylinder and centrally located spark plugs. The diameter of the intake valves is 36 mm, and of the exhaust valves - 32 mm.

The camshafts are driven by the crankshaft via a timing belt. The timing belt requires changing every 60, miles.

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The EJ20E was produced in four history steps. Each generation has different power specs - hp, hp, hp and the last - hp at 5, rpm engine used in Subaru Legacy BL. This engine produces hp at 6,rpm. The power of the EJ engine is the same hp at 5,rpm. But the EJ is a more powerful version due to a light cylinder block, exhaust headers, and another intake manifold.

It produced hp at 5,rpm and lb-ft Nm at 4,rpm. The power of EJ is hp hp - high compression version. The 2. Knocking noise from EJ20 Engine. The engine has a problem in the 4th cylinder.

Fuel Injector Clinic

This cylinder is hottest; the cooling is worse in this place of the engine. In this case, the piston or rod starts knocking then the engine is cold at first and all time after some period. That requires an engine rebuild. Oil leaks. Most often, the oil leaks out of camshaft oil seals and gaskets of cylinder head covers. Engine life of naturally aspirated EJ20 is aroundmileskm with proper maintenance. Home Subaru EJ20 2. Subaru EJ20 2. Engine Specs Manufacturer.

Production years. Cylinder block material. Cylinder head material. Fuel type. Number of cylinders.At Fuel Injector Clinic, we offer the highest quality performance injectors in the market.

subaru injector dimensions

Our high-performance injectors come with:. Fuel injector clinic uses the newest generation of Bosch based injectors for all of our high impedance injector sets. We start with the best base injectors available, and then optimize them for all performance applications, bringing great reliability and performance to all of our products.

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All of the injectors we offer are designed for use with both gasoline and E85 applications. Fuel Injector Clinic utilizes our custom built flow bench to offer the most comprehensive injector matching and tuning data in the industry, matching our injectors by both flow rate and individual offset value going above and beyond the industry standards to optimize injector performance from idle all the way up to full throttle.

subaru injector dimensions

If you are not sure what size injector you need for your project? Genesis 2. Mini R52R Fuel Injector Clinic Search. Our high-performance injectors come with: Precise Dynamic Flow Matching Great Tuning Data Excellent Customer Service Lifetime Warranty Fuel injector clinic uses the newest generation of Bosch based injectors for all of our high impedance injector sets.It is a derivative of the FB enginehowever, efforts to reduce weight while maintaining durability were the main goals of the FA engine.

While the FA and FB engines share a common platform, the FA shares very little in dedicated parts with the FB engine, with a different block, head, connecting rodsand pistons.

The FA series engine was developed for the Subaru BRZ and the first FA engine, the FA20D, was designed to be mounted as low as possible and to minimize the polar moment of the chassis to improve dynamic response and handling.

Compression ratio for the turbo engine falls to A revised variant of the FA20F was introduced for the model year Subaru WRX ; in this application, the camshafts, rocker armsboost pressure, intercoolerand exhaust were revised to increase peak output. A version with Subaru's own direct fuel injection and twin-scroll turbocharger was introduced in The bore is increased compared to prior FA20 engines, increasing displacement to 2.

Japanese : Subaru FA engine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Subaru Global. Retrieved 28 February Car and Driver. Wards Auto. Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Subaru EJ20 2.0L Engine Review

Come and Drive It. Retrieved 12 March The Drive. Retrieved 27 February Retrieved 1 March February 8, Retrieved 4 April Subaru Corporation. April 17, Retrieved 17 April Categories : Subaru engines Boxer engines Gasoline engines by model Four-cylinder engines. Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata Articles containing Japanese-language text. Namespaces Article Talk.AJACs Set up a specific account just for kindle books and register all your purchases with that account.

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