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By Daily Mail Reporter. A mother-of-three has had a 17lb flap of saggy skin removed from her stomach after she shed half her body weight six months before her wedding. Olga Hernandez, 41, of Tucson, Arizona, shared revealing footage of her sagging skin being lifted off of her stomach to give an insight into her weight loss journey, which has seen her shrink to a slim lbs.

The palliative nurse tipped the scales at lbs at her heaviest point and had gastric sleeve surgery to reduce the size of her stomach. Struggle: Olga Hernandez, 41, of Tucson, Arizona, was left with unsightly excess skin after going from lbs left to lbs right. Transformation: Olga, who is pictured before surgery, had nearly 20lbs of excess skin removed from her stomach. Combined with healthy eating and exercise, the procedure helped 5-footinch Olga drop from a 6XL on the top to a size large before a series of skin removal surgeries.

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I had to buy clothes two sizes bigger so my arms would fit in,' she explained. Shocking: The mother-of-three shared a video of surgeons lifting the 17lb flap of skin off of her stomach following her surgery. I had to tuck and roll and hide, and I wore compression garments to smooth it out. I thought it was disgusting. I didn't want that for my wedding day.

I knew the flap was big but I couldn't believe it was me,' she said. I'm excited for life now. Packing on the pounds: Olga started to gain weight after she became pregnant as a teen. Coping mechanism: She continued to eat for comfort to cope with depression and traumatic memories of childhood sexual abuse. Olga piled on the pounds in her late teens after becoming pregnant at She later ate for comfort to cope with depression and traumatic memories of childhood sexual abuse.

In a typical day she would eat a breakfast burrito first thing before gorging on huge KFC meals with sides for lunch and hearty home-cooked dinners like chicken and potatoes. She also munched through six sharing packs of Doritos a week and hoarded food, hiding it in the bedroom closet to hide it from her kids.

Doctors warned she was at risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and advised her to lose weight. Start of it all: Olga began to lose weight through dieting and exercise before having gastric sleeve surgery, but she was left with heavy excess skin all over her body. Difficult to handle: 'I had a terrible top area of skin above the vagina area and I had to wear long shirts to try and cover it up,' Olga said of the excess skin.

In she began to lose weight through dieting and exercise before having gastric sleeve surgery, which restricted her stomach capacity to 8oz. On the day of surgery, in Decembershe weighed lbs, and within six months she had dropped 90lbs. My scrubs became loose and everyone around me noticed. Changes: Olga is pictured in the hospital before undergoing surgery to remove the excess skin on her arms. What a difference: Olga shared before and after photos following the surgery.

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In April of this year Olga had her first surgery to remove excess skin - liposuction and a vertical arm lift which removed 'side-boobage' fat and 10lbs from her arms.

She also had 1. Then on October 28 she had an eight-hour operation, conducted by surgeon Alejandro Galvez in Tijuana, Mexico, to take away the excess skin from her stomach.

New woman: The mom proudly flexed for the camera to show off the results of her surgery.A successful abdominoplasty will create a more defined midsection, not only improving the way clothes fit but can take years off your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

If your BMI is 30 or greater, our surgeons recommend losing the needed weight before any body contouring surgery. If you cannot lose weight after trying many diets and exercise, you may be a good candidate for weight-loss surgery. The majority of our patients reach their desired weight goal within months after bariatric surgery, let us know and we can guide you through the entire process. We offer a no-cost case evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for Tummy Tuck surgery in Mexico and the type of Tummy Tuck that is most optimal for you.

Our medical providers are able to offer such low pricing compared to the U. The safety, quality, and efficacy of the Tummy Tuck surgery is never compromised despite the low pricing and the patient experience is well beyond U.

Undergoing Tummy Tuck surgery with any of our doctors is very simple. The first step is to review your case with our surgeons to determine the type of Tummy Tuck that is most optimal for you. To do so, all we need from you is your medical history and photos of your abdomen front, sides and back.

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After reviewing your case, our surgeons may recommend to include Liposuction with or without Brazilian Butt Lift along with the Tummy Tuck surgery for best results. If you do not have time to fill out the medical questionnaire at this moment, please submit an inquiry and we will assign you a Care Manager who will email you shortly with more information on tummy tuck options and pricing as well as instructions to review your case.

Your Care Manager will coordinate your remote consultation with our surgeons, check availability and schedule all your appointments for your surgery. On the day of the procedure, you will be taken back to a comfortable surgical room where the anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia.

Once you are comfortably sedated, your surgeon will make the necessary incisions in discreet locations minimize scarring and ensure they are easily hidden beneath swimsuits and underwear. Once the incisions are made, he will remove any excess fat tissue, using liposuction if necessary. He will then tighten the underlying abdominal muscles and reposition the skin and naval to create a more contoured waistline and more defined abdomen. Once the abdomen has been sculpted to achieve desired results, your surgeon will close the incisions with sutures and apply the necessary bandages and compression garments.

The overall length of the procedure will depend on the type of tummy tuck performed, but in most cases will last anywhere from two to five hours. All quotes to be confirmed after reviewing medical condition and photographs of areas to be treated.

Tummy Tuck in Mexico

Tummy Tuck in Mexico. Marco Rodas Nava. Tijuana, Mexico. My mission as your plastic surgeon is to help you find the masterpiece Contact Doctor.Your surgery is a big step towards becoming a happier, more confident you.

dr galvez tijuana

At plasticsurgery. Read More. With years of experience, MD Alejandro Galvez has helped many clients to achieve the look they have always desired. Cosmetic surgery is not just about changing or enhancing your appearance. The surgery may well improve your overall quality of life!

MD Alejandro Galvez pays careful attention to patients, ensuring that the patient is at ease and well taken care of during both the pre-op and post op period. This careful attention to patient care is just one way that MD Alejandro Galvez has grown to become one of the most highly rated plastic surgeons in Mesa de Tijuana, Mexico.

The reason reviews are so powerful is because they are experiences of past surgeries of people just like you. But these reviews are all unedited, real life stories and through reading them without question puts any new potential patient in a better position to make an informed decision whether it be on choosing a particular surgeon or the procedure they are currently considering.

Read reviews, read lots of them. You may be thinking but what type of surgeon would do that? Well trust us, it happens more than you would think. Price is definitely not enough to determine the quality of service you will receive but it can certainly be a helpful indication. However, with that said there are countless cases where patients travel abroad for surgery at more competitive prices and without question return home with excellent results.

Plastic surgery holidays to competitively priced locations are definitely on the rise and can be a smart choice. Once you have narrowed down your list of potential surgeons, we suggest making an appointment, or if you are undecided between a couple surgeons it can be extremely beneficial to meet both. Meeting the surgeon face to face is the final step towards deciding on who ultimately will be the most ideal candidate for you and your specific needs.

dr galvez tijuana

A surgeon is only as good as the team he or she will be working with. A team of well-trained staff ensures that your pre and post-operative care is nothing but the best and they will also be able to give you reliable, safe tips for taking care of the healing process once you have left the clinic. Many think that the surgery itself is the toughest part of the journey, but often your post-op recovery is the more important stage in determining the success of the procedure.

The importance of the recovery process and the way you chose to manage it should not be overlooked. MD Alejandro Galvez effortlessly communicates all relevant information to patients, helping to put their minds at ease.

Good surgeons, interested surgeons, understand that ultimately you are making an important and arguably a tuff decision, understanding your need to be comfortable with your choice definitely goes a long way at putting your mind at ease before the big day arrives.

Doing your research before booking your consultation and having all your questions ready for the surgeon on consultation day is always recommended.

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MD Alejandro Galvez is a specialist and will be more than happy to answer all of your questions before your surgery date is booked. Upload Your Review. How Was This Doc Rated? Location Open in new tab. Connect with this surgeon Request a consultation. The Surgeon and the Team A surgeon is only as good as the team he or she will be working with.

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Always compare surgeons and costs MD Alejandro Galvez reviews vs cost? You want the best outcome possible Get personalized estimates Familiar with MD Alejandro Galvez Please don't be shy, leave a review today and let's make this industry more transparent. Specials offered by this surgeon Below are the current specials offered by this surgeon.With global travel restrictions, we are arranging online medical consultations with best medical centers as well as pre-bookings for future medical treatments.

Explore Now… Go Later. Continue your healthcare journey. Josue H. Velarde Galvez is located in Tijuana, Mexico and offers numerous Cosmetic and Plastic procedures, such as: breast implants, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, liposculpture, buttock augmentation, buttock lift, nose surgery rhinoplastyface lift, eye surgery blepharoplasty chin contouring, chin implant, lip implant, neck lift, and many more.

Baja closes clinic where U.S. woman died

Offering pocket-friendly costs and featuring the latest technology and a renowned team of medical specialists, Dr. Velarde Galvez welcomes both international and local patients. It has been a pleasure to open a dialogue with this doctor to ask my questions. Thank you for being patient and understanding as this is a huge commitment and financial investment for me. I had a great experience. Despite being in discomfort due to my ailment, sincere efforts were made to make me comfortable.

My concerns were addressed and I participated in care. I had an uneventful surgery, pre-op medications were pushed without the 'Burn'. Post-op pain management kept me comfortable. Facts and Things to Know about Plastic Surgery. There are several facts and things anyone should know before undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery. View Article. Neck lift benefits people with loose or sagging skin around the next that generally grows with age.

The procedure makes one look youthful and toned. If you are looking for breast augmentation procedure in Tijuana, Mexico, read this article. Here you will get complete details about how to search for the best centers, doctors, packages and get the right price. If you are looking for a great treatment option for Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexicali, Mexico, you will get the necessary details here.

Click to read the details now. You can get the best facelift surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Here, you can find all the important information about finding the best facelift clinic, packages, surgeons and more. Learn the top 10 questions that you should ask your plastic surgeon before breast augmentation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Edgar Torres Clinic in Cancun, Mexico.

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This was our first time going to Mexico for a cosmetic procedure, and needless to say we were very nervous and anxious about the quality and services we would receive.A Tijuana cosmetic surgery clinic where a Chula Vista woman died a week ago following a liposuction procedure has been shut down temporarily by Baja California health inspectors.

Louis May Villanueva, was asked to present additional documentation of his medical credentials, the spokesman said. The inspection was triggered by reports of the death of Maria de Lourdes Trinidad Mendivil, 48, who went to the clinic May 22 to remove pockets of fat in her abdomen. May performed the procedure. Investigators are trying to determine whether any medical errors were committed that could have contributed to her death.

Blood clots are a risk in many surgical procedures, and when they form they can travel to the heart and cause cardiac arrest. The clinic could reopen as soon as the irregularities are rectified, according to the health department.

If they are not, the clinic could be closed permanently. May has a medical license, but is not a plastic surgeon. In Mexico, as in the United States, the law does not require liposuction procedures be conducted by a plastic surgeon. The surgery lasted about 75 minutes and Trinidad Mendivil was awake throughout, as she was under light sedation and local anesthesia.

May said that she told him she was feeling fine after the procedure, and he left the operating room. When he returned to the operating room, three other clinic doctors and three nurses were working on Trinidad Mendivil, trying to resuscitate her.

dr galvez tijuana

He blamed the death on a blood clot that likely formed during or after the surgery. She was not transported to a nearby hospital, because it would have interrupted efforts to revive her, he said. Family members say May refused to meet with them at the clinic. May said he spoke to the first ones to arrive at the clinic, but left on the advice of his attorney after more arrived and began to threaten him.

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dr galvez tijuana

Rajnish Kooner died in a Carmel Valley crash in heavy rains. Son Maanav Kooner died hours later. Sweetwater Park, a signature piece of the Chula Vista bayfront, is a go. The port has approved a coastal development permit for the passive park, setting the stage for a ground breaking in Auditor: City of San Diego employee accepted gifts, helped vendors increase contract revenue. The Office of the City Auditor recommended investigation, possible discipline against employee and vendors.

Firefighters knock down blaze at Barrio Logan warehouse that burned twice last year. Wet spring a boon to water supply, native plants.Irma Saenz told family members she was going to Tijuana for the day. Four days later, Saenz was in a coma when an ambulance brought her across the border, her relatives said.

She died on Nov. Guillermo Diaz Vergara, who reportedly performed the procedure.

Tuscon woman posts clip of her excess skin being removed

Enrique Schulz, president of the Medical College of Tijuana, the main medical association in the city. Saenz was the primary caregiver for her year-old mother, who is in the early stages of dementiasaid Nora, her niece. She loved her family and had a soft spot for stray animals, the niece said.

And she wanted to lose weight. Liposuction is a common cosmetic surgery that involves suctioning off fat deposits from different parts of the body.

Like any surgery, it has risks, and complications can in rare cases result in death. Statistics on overall mortality in plastic surgery procedures are difficult to obtain on both sides of the border. In the United States, there is no single national source that shows all medical complications that occur during plastic surgeries, said Dr.

Robert Singer, a well known La Jolla plastic surgeon. Only 27 of the 50 states require plastic surgery centers to be accredited, which includes inspection and the obligation to report all complications to a central database.

Singer is co-author of a study analyzing 5. It showed 94 deaths.

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That placed the risk of at one in 41, but Singer points out that the report looked only at those cases reported by clinics certified by the American Assn. Family members believe Saenz learned of the clinic through Facebook groups. When the driver went to pick her up later that day, he was told she was in a coma, so he called the number, family members said.

By that time, Saenz had been transferred to Hospital Arcangeles, an bed clinic with an intensive care area. He said the physician offered reassurances that Saenz would come out of the coma. Diaz Vergara is neither a member of the Medical College of Tijuana nor of the plastic surgeons group, both voluntary organizations that require that members are properly certified.

It appears that Diaz Vergara is not a plastic surgeon. Get up to speed with our Essential California newsletter, sent six days a week. Hot Property. About Us.They have the skills and experience to enhance your natural beauty. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be your best self, you just need to know where to start. Every patient has different needs, get to know which procedure suits you better and if you are a candidate through a Virtual Consultation with Dr.

Luis Suarez. Our Plastic Surgeries offer you an opportunity to enhance those areas you have always wanted to perfect. With the help of Dr. Luis Suarez you will get a youthful and refreshed appearance in our state-of-the-art facilities.

If you're looking for affordable Bariatric Surgery, CER Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico offers a team of professional surgeons and medical staff qualified to deliver the best medical care in the area. Our doctors are certified in Bariatric Surgery and constantly improving their skills and techniques, guided by the safest and most effective standards for Bariatric Surgery.

Find out if you are a candidate for surgery. To help our team of Bariatric Surgery professionals best understand your needs as a Bariatric Surgery Patient, we request that you complete our Clinical History form. We are a team composed of licensed surgeons that have the experience and expertise to help you highlight your natural beauty. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, personalized care, and attention to help you recover safely and successfully. With homemade meals to splendid city views, you'll feel right at home at CER Hospital.

Discover the benefits of getting medical care in Mexico and contact us today to start your journey. Our surgeons specialize in Plastic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery and have the skills and experience to highlight your natural beauty. More Info. We use the latest medical equipment to deliver top-class Plastic Surgery and Bariatric Surgery services. We have settled alliances with financing systems that are practical and easy for those patients who are looking for a different path in regards to financing their Plastic or Bariatric Surgeries.

I had an incredible experience and I'm so happy with my results. Everything from beginning to end was awesome. The staff is great and Dr. Luis Suarez did amazing work.

Highly recommend seeing them! I couldn't ask for a better experience. Thank Dr.


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